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Oholei Torah Remembers a Former Rebbi

This past week, Oholei Torah lost a long-time former Rebbi, Rabbi Chaim Burston a”h. Rabbi Burston was a beloved Rebbi in Oholei Torah for many

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Teves Promotion Ceremony

Weekly and Grand Raffle Winners: Pre1A Winners 1st Grade Winners 2nd Grade Winners 3rd Grade Winners 4th Grade Winners 5th Grade Winners 6th Grade Winners

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Chidon Hamitzvos Test 1

Today over 400 Talmidim of Oholei Torah took part in the International Chidon Hamitzvos and got tested on the first quarter of their Yahadus Book. מפי עוללים

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Kislev Promotion Ceremony

Shabbos Mevorchim Kislev Winners 870 Boys participated and said over 39,650 Kapitelach Tehilim this past Shabbos!!! Just from Oholei Torah!! Lizchus the Yiddin in Eretz

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