Oholei Torah Staff and Families Delight in ‘Latkes Evening’ Celebration

In celebration of Chanukah and its profound connection to Chinuch, Oholei Torah hosted its annual Latkes “Ovent” (evening) on the sixth night of Chanukah, treating the entire school’s staff and their families to a festive gathering. Acknowledging the dedicated commitment of the staff and their families to the Chinuch of our community, the evening featured an array of family-oriented activities, including music, delectable food, thoughtful gifts, and entertaining performances, with a lavish fleishig dinner that was enjoyed by all.

With an impressive turnout of over seven hundred KA”H, the atmosphere buzzed with energy and camaraderie. Families and children came together to celebrate Chanukah, fostering a unique bond among the staff beyond the traditional school framework. The program kicked off with Divrei Torah, engaging stories, and the recitation of the twelve Pesukim, led by third-grade veteran Rebbi, Rabbi Nuti Shpigelman. Sixth-grade Rebbi, Rabbi Dovber Blau, kindled the Menorah and led the crowd in the Haneiros Halalu. Ventriloquist Rabbi Yisroel Silverstein, known for “The Shleikes Show,” enthralled and entertained the children with a performance centered around Chanukah, highlighting the significant role children and families play in the integral process of Chinuch. Chanukah Gelt was distributed, and arts and crafts stations were available for children to enjoy.

Live music by Mendel Matusof added to the festive ambiance throughout the evening, and participants were inspired by a video featuring the Rebbe’s teachings on Chanukah. Reflecting on the event, one staff member shared, “The thoughtfulness and attention to detail were truly remarkable. It was a beautiful experience to come together with colleagues and celebrate the Yom Tov with our families.”

Special gratitude was extended to Rabbi Yisroel Cohen, who coordinated and planned the entire event, along with the incredible Oholei Torah Service office, and Rabbi Moshe Reichman together with his kitchen staff.

Baruch Hashem, the event proved to be a tremendous success. The smiles and pride evident on the children’s faces, as they recognized they are part of their parents Shlichus to Chinuch, left everyone feeling energized and uplifted. “The entire program was designed to convey heartfelt gratitude to the Mechanchim and their families for their dedicated daily efforts,” remarked Rabbi Mendel Blau, the Head of School.

Many Mechanchim personally expressed their gratitude towards the Oholei Torah Board of Directors, recognizing their unwavering dedication to supporting and advancing the needs and growth of the Yeshiva. Despite the challenging economic times, the Board has tirelessly fulfilled its financial commitments, ensuring the smooth operation and continual progress of our beloved institution.

Photo Credit: Mendel’s Photography