Oholei Torah Celebrates 37th Anniversary of Hey Teves with Annual Didan Notzach Book Fair

Cheder Oholei Torah celebrated the 37th anniversary of Hey Teves with its Annual Didan Notzach Book Fair, a vibrant event held for the benefit of all Cheder Talmidim. The occasion embodied the Rebbe’s directive to acquire Seforim, adding a meaningful dimension to the celebration.

The exquisitely set-up fair ran throughout the day, affording students ample time to explore and partake in the literary treasures available. The vibrant atmosphere infused the entire Yeshiva with an added chassidishe and joyous spirit, leaving a lasting impression on all who attended.

To ensure quality books and seforim were accessible to Oholei Torah Talmidim, the book fair showcased a diverse selection at deeply discounted prices. Spearheaded by Rabbi Vely Karp, the event provided a seamless experience for all attendees.

As part of this enriching experience, Talmidim enjoyed a captivating presentation by Rabbi Shmuly Butler and the Talmidim of the Mechina Oholei Torah. The presentation delved into the Significance of Hey Teves, offering a glimpse of a rare collection of priceless seforim and manuscripts.

Several Rabbeim seized the opportunity to lead their students on visits to the Rebbe’s Library. The boys witnessed firsthand the long lines of Chassidim diligently shopping in Kehot, faithfully adhering to the Rebbe’s instruction to use the day to expand the Libraries.

Rabbi Mendel Blau, Head of School, conveyed his deep appreciation to the Cheder Menahalim—Rabbi Yehoshua Lustig, Rabbi Yossi Evers, and Rabbi Meir Shimshoni—who collaborated closely to ensure the seamless planning and execution of the event, including comprehensive programming for the Talmidim. Reflecting on the day, Rabbi Blau shared, “The most inspiring aspect was witnessing the Talmidim’s genuine love and excitement for seforim and Limmud HaTorah. This profound fusion of Ahavas Hatorah, Ahavas Hashem, and authentic Ahavas Yisroel lies at the core of the Rebbe’s vision for a complete and impactful Chinuch, destined to endure through the passage of time.