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Hashem should bless every boy and girl with success in being promoted from Private to an officer and Sergeant, and to then continue to grow and rise in rank until all Sergeants become Generals. Even once he or she reaches the rank of General, they should continue to work to earn
more and more stars. [Unlike other armies,] Generals in Tzivos Hashem have no limit to how many stars they can earn. And soon, with all our medals, points, and stars that we earned from our Maasim Tovim and our good behavior, we will be ready to greet the greatest General of
mankind, Moshiach, the descendant of Beis Dovid who will fight all the wars of Hashem and win, and build the Bais Hamikdash and gather all the Yidden together, and everyone will see that Hashem is the King of the whole world.

– The Rebbe, Tishrei 5741
At the first Tzivos Hashem Rally

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Welcome to Tzivos Hashem at Oholei Torah 5784!

Welcome to Tzivos Hashem at Oholei Torah 5784! All Chayolim in Pre1a through 7th grade are now all registered! We will take new ID photos next Wednesday. Hachayols and Missions will start

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