Welcome to Tzivos Hashem at Oholei Torah 5784!

🤗 Welcome to Tzivos Hashem at Oholei Torah 5784!

✅ All Chayolim in Pre1a through 7th grade are now all registered!

📸 We will take new ID photos next Wednesday.
🧾 Hachayols and Missions will start next week.
🎟️ Achievement cards and awards have started already.
🎁 The prize store (bigger and better than ever) will open next week.

🤳🏻 Mark your missions and track your sons’ growth in Hashem’s army by logging into your parent account at Mashpia.com

👨‍👩‍👦 Add a child to your parent account:
Login to mashpia.com (or create an account).
Press (on the top left) ‘add a child’.
Then choose: Oholei Torah; your son’s class; last name; and enter his DOB.
Your son should now show up in your account.

👉🏻 If you have any questions, feel free to message me

Looking forward to another amazing year here at Oholei Torah!

Rabbi Mendel Levin
Oholei Torah Tzivos Hashem Base Commander

How to use the parent account:

How to earn miles, medals and ranks:

Why the children?

Tzivos Hashem Oholei Torah Parent event replay:

Helpful links:

🎙️ The Rebbe’s Call – Learn and share the Rebbe’s letters, sichos, and rallies on the importance of Tzivos Hashem: https://goo.gl/LPJffk

🤳🏻 Tzivos Hashem App:
📱 Android – https://goo.gl/9qbD7n
🍎 Apple – https://goo.gl/3Dmy36