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Fathers and Sons Mark Yud Shvat in Oholei Torah

On Sunday, a gathering of enthusiastic fathers and sons of Oholei Torah’s sixth and seventh grade division took place to learn and farbreng in honor

Oholei Torah Remembers a Former Rebbi

This past week, Oholei Torah lost a long-time former Rebbi, Rabbi Chaim Burston a”h. Rabbi Burston was a beloved Rebbi in Oholei Torah for many

Teves Promotion Ceremony

Weekly and Grand Raffle Winners: Pre1A Winners 1st Grade Winners 2nd Grade Winners 3rd Grade Winners 4th Grade Winners 5th Grade Winners 6th Grade Winners

Chidon Hamitzvos Test 1

Today over 400 Talmidim of Oholei Torah took part in the International Chidon Hamitzvos and got tested on the first quarter of their Yahadus Book. מפי עוללים

Kislev Promotion Ceremony

Shabbos Mevorchim Kislev Winners 870 Boys participated and said over 39,650 Kapitelach Tehilim this past Shabbos!!! Just from Oholei Torah!! Lizchus the Yiddin in Eretz