Terms and Conditions

In compliance with Halachah and the Rebbe’s guidelines for chassunas, Oholei Torah reserves the right to expect a standard of Tznius for all weddings, Bar Mitzvahs and events. No reservation will be confirmed without prior agreement to these policies.


Separate entrances are designated for men and women. The right side of the hall is for men and the left side is for women. There must be separate tables and head tables for both the men’s and women’s section. Caterers must comply with these requirements as well. Separate washing stations are designated on either side of the hall. The mechitza must cover the entire width of the ballroom for the duration of the event. Under no circumstances may the mechitza be opened during the event.


There may not be any pictures in the lunchroom or on the steps near the lunchroom until 3:30pm. Kallah pictures taking place at 1:00pm-3:30pm may not be done in the hallway. After the Chuppah the Mezzanine Lounge should be closed off from the lunchroom for Chosson and Kallah pictures. We respectfully ask that all chosson and Kallah pictures taken on the premises are in accordance with Halachah.


Musicians play from the men’s side only. The bandstand must not extend into the women’s side.

Lobby/ Porch

Tables, chairs and couches are not allowed in the lobbies or on the porch. Smorgasboard and Viennese tables may not be set up outside of the ballroom. Bars should be set up in the men’s section and not in the hallway or women’s section. For any additional decor or props outside of the ballroom, the party planner must contact R’ Shmuel Edelman at [email protected] prior to the event to ensure the plans comply with the Oholei Torah standards. Oholei Torah reserves the right to stop any infraction on our Tznius Guidelines, whether with setup or behavior before or during the wedding. This is to confirm that I have read, understand and agree to uphold all the policies specified above.