“Gantz Bava Basra”: Oholei Torah Zal Takes on Mivtza Torah Initiative

Over one hundred bochurim in Oholei Torah Shiur Daled join a dedicated track to learn and master the entire Maseches Bava Basra. 

While many bochurim in Shiur Daled put a large emphasis on Iyun learning, the Rebbe would often point to the significant value that lies within the ability to master an entire Masechta, providing the bochur with a deeper appreciation and understanding of the concepts he’s learning. 

One famous occurrence took place when the current Chabad librarian, Rabbi Berel Levin, was introduced to the Rebbe as a bochur. In describing his learning and growth, the Hanhala mentioned that Rabbi Levin had completed the Masechta of Bava Basra, to which the Rebbe rose from his chair and, in excited astonishment, exclaimed, “Gantz Bava Basra?!”

Revamped this year, Oholei Torah Zal launched a Mivtza Torah at the start of the z’man. To the amazement of the Hanhala and Menahel Rabbi Elchonon Lesches, within a few days of establishing the Mivtza in Yeshiva, over one hundred bochurim committed to the new undertaking of learning and mastering the whole Maseches Bava Basra. 

The initiative is directed by Shiur Daled Maggid Shiur Rabbi Mendel Wolvovsky, who created a clear curriculum and schedule for the bochurim to follow in order to complete the Masechta by the end of the year, including biweekly tests. Off to a great start, the first test took place last week with over one hundred Talmidim in attendance and passing with flying colors.

Photo credit: Shmulie Grossbaum